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The Formal Gardens

Since the 18th century, Curraghmore is famous for its selection of champion trees. Learn more about the historic Formal Gardens and what makes them unique.
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Since 1750 until today Curraghmore houses exquisite flora from around the world
Curraghmore is an open air art museum for all sorts of tourists
The grounds of Curraghmore House, were laid out by the first de la Poer – Beresford Earl of Tyrone around 1750 and provide a splendid example of an eighteenth-century romantic landscape, with the house as its centrepiece. In front of the house is the garden in the French manner designed by Louisa, third Lady Waterford. Its formal terraces, with balustrades and statuary, overlook a man-made lake.
To the west a vista through the woods stretches off to infinity. Hidden in a shrubbery is the enchanting Shell House, created by Catherine Countess of Tyrone, with ‘her proper’ hands in 1754.
Curraghmore gardens have some of the first exemplar of unique trees in Ireland

The Arboretum & Woodland Walks

The specimen trees surrounding the gardens date from the mid nineteenth century when many of the species grown here were first introduced to Ireland. Spruce, Cedars, Oak, Maple and Beech have grown to a magnificent size. The woodlands at Curraghmore abound with native Bluebells and Wild Garlic. In Spring these form aromatic carpets of blossom under the estate’s magnificent trees.
Unique views awaits you in Curraghmore's Woodland Walks
In the dappled light filtering through the trees one can often spot some of the estate’s many pheasants, their colours set off brilliantly against the woodland’s floor. Miles of walks have been created through the estate’s woodland and gardens.
The winding paths reveal a rich array of trees, shrubs and smaller woodland treasures: spring bulbs giving way to rhododendrons, cornus and magnolias in early summer, then in autumn, the woodland canopy appears to burn in fiery banks of red and copper hues.
To the north east of the house, the magnificent oaks were planted to supply timber for the British fleet climb Tower Hill, which takes its name from the monument to the 12 year old son of the first Marquis of Waterford, who was killed jumping on his horse in 1785.
Visit the Garden
Outstanding Flora and Fauna on the Curraghmore Estate
Pink Chestnut, Oaks, Maple, Chinese Fir, Japanese Umbrella Pine, are only but a few trees in Curraghmore

Outstanding Flora and Fauna on the Curraghmore Estate

Thanks to its long history, the Curraghmore estate boasts a selection of wonderful old trees. Perhaps the most prominent are the gnarled pink chestnut, which form an avenue within the Courtyard at the back of the big house or perhaps the majestic old specimiens which line the 2km avenue leading from the main gate to the house’s entrance front. The woodland gardens contain more enormous sweet chestnut and oaks, as well as a magnificent beech, Chinese Fir (1 of the 5 largest specimens in Ireland), Japanese Umbrella Pine (a British Isles Champion), a Maritime Pine (Irish Champion), Lebanese Cedar and of course the estate’s and Ireland’s tallest tree, an enormous Sitka Spruce.

What Our Visitors Have Said

Since 1750 until today Curraghmore houses exquisite flora from around the world
VicPal, Sep. 2021
Curraghmore House is a VERY unique step back into Irela...
nds’ history. This 800 + year old house is steeped in the history of the political and religious events from 1190 to the current day.
Curraghmore House is not a ruin, not a stop, see, then get back into the car and drive away event. It’s royalty-owners have live here continuously for 800 years - and still do to this day!
I highly recommend the tour which takes you back in time with all the original furnishings and trappings of generations of the family that still live there. The tour is extremely detailed, takes about two hours and is unique in that the pace of the House tour is leisurely.
Plus, if booked ahead of time, I highly recommend to partake in the lunch in the House Tea Room.
The House staff are very informative, knowledgeable, and are from the local area.
In my opinion this tour is the BEST in Southeast Ireland.
Truly, a FIVE STAR ++ experience.
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Murray & Narena, Aug. 2019
We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Curraghmore House an...
d Gardens. The authenticity of this lived in and working estate of approx 2,600 acres was remarkable and brought to life by Evelyn's guided tour. Her own life story is entwined with this house and its owners and her knowledge and love for the impact the house and its people had on this important community. Also we had a hire car problem and Alan the Estate Manager's assistance went above and beyond to get us mobile again. All the employees of Curraghmore House were extremely helpful and very friendly. This experience will stay with us when we return to NZ for many years.
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Stuart M, Mar. 2018
We have been to Curraghmore gardens on many occasions...
, for walks, concerts ,and adventure racing, but never toured the house. I saw that it was opened this weekend I couldn’t wait to drive there and have a look around.
This place is FANTASTIC!, And what makes it so, are two things , firstly it’s a living home!, you can go close to the paintings, furniture, your in someone’s home!. And secondly, Basil, the tour guide (formal Butler), this guy is a gentleman, and a knowledgeable storyteller of this magnificent home!.
This is a hidden gem in Waterford, and it shouldn’t be, this place should be on every visitor and locals place to visit, even for just a walk around the grounds, it’s magnificent!. Please go see the shell house!, it’s unreal!. The house was the best bit for me, the architect, the paintings, the sculptures!, I could live there happily!. If your looking for any staff, give me a call!!
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Tressensible, Jun. 2017
Wonderful, formal gardens with a large fountain base ...
and lake. Sunshine, swans and cygnets.
Large courtyard...some acres in size, rather like a French chateau. The interior of the house is fascinating and totally unspoiled, a true Georgian gem, original furniture and decorations by Wyatt. Really appreciated the wit and knowledge of Basil, our charming guide, who gave us great insights into the history of this lovely place. One visit is not enough, there is so much to see. Shell house extraordinary and the whole experience unique.
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