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Unique Features

Curraghmore showcases many exceptional and distinctive qualities. From rare specimens to master craftsmanship, there's always something to discover in Curraghmore between our pathways and trails.
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Waterford has Ireland's oldest bridge

King John’s Bridge

King John’s Bridge built in 1205, which spans the River Clodiagh was reputed to have been built for King John’s visit to Ireland. However King John changed his mind at the last minute and did not visit Curraghmore. A feature of the bridge is the recesses in the stone walls allowing workers and others crossing the bridge to step aside smartly and not impede his Lordship’s progress. This fine structure the oldest bridge in Ireland and still in daily use.
A rare specimen of plant, the Sitka Spruce is

Sitka Spruce

One of only 2 remaining of the original Sitka Spruce from David Douglas’ 1830s introduction to Ireland, now standing at 180 feet/ 55 m high, this is one of the tallest trees in Ireland. Brought out from California as a seedling it has survived many ferocious storms because it was planted in a hollow on the bank of the Clodiagh River and is surrounded by sturdy young trees. The following quotation from Irish Times of March 6th 2000 by the late Brendan McWilliams is of interest to visitors: “For many years a Sitka Spruce over 160ft tall, believed to be planted around 1835 and growing in the Curraghmore Estate in Co Waterford, was believed to be Ireland’s tallest tree. Then in 1991, it was surpassed by a Douglas fir in the Powerscourt Estate in Wicklow at 165ft, but a few years later the Waterford Sitka regained ascendancy in excess of 172ft.”
The Japanese Gardens originally laid out by Caroline, Lady Waterford are currently under maintenance

Japanese Gardens

The Japanese Gardens originally laid out by our very own Caroline, Lady Waterford are currently undergoing maintenance and are expected to be restored to their former glory in the Spring/Summer 2025. Discover more about this amazing Curraghmore feature in the near future.
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Visit Curraghmore House and learn about Ireland's Ancient Past with you guided tours
Annedeg41, May. 2022
This is the best stately home I have visited. Some of t...
he property dates to the twelfth century.
The rest of the house is eighteenth century with an interesting front door.
Evelyn our guide was terrific. Her family have lived on the estate for generations.
Highly recommended.
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VicPal, Sep. 2021
Curraghmore House is a VERY unique step back into Irela...
nds’ history. This 800 + year old house is steeped in the history of the political and religious events from 1190 to the current day.
Curraghmore House is not a ruin, not a stop, see, then get back into the car and drive away event. It’s royalty-owners have live here continuously for 800 years - and still do to this day!
I highly recommend the tour which takes you back in time with all the original furnishings and trappings of generations of the family that still live there. The tour is extremely detailed, takes about two hours and is unique in that the pace of the House tour is leisurely.
Plus, if booked ahead of time, I highly recommend to partake in the lunch in the House Tea Room.
The House staff are very informative, knowledgeable, and are from the local area.
In my opinion this tour is the BEST in Southeast Ireland.
Truly, a FIVE STAR ++ experience.
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K.L Roberts, Aug. 2019
A truly splendid house and estate, the house packed wit...
h a most interesting and gorgeous collection of family related pictures, furniture, and objects. What crowns all is the simple fact that Curraghmore is still lived in by the original family, and that thus everything that one sees is connected in one way or another to everything else. The guide, Evelyn, was more than excellent, and made the visit to the place so very much more than it might have been otherwise.
A delightful visit, and highly recommended.
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